Create a Powerful Listing Presentation

Want to Impress Your Sellers with a Powerful Listing Presentation?

Best real estate listing presentationsDarryl Baskin with eXp Realty just did a fantastic job presenting at today’s class titled, “Building a Persuasive Listing Consultation.”   During the meeting, he reminds us that it is not so important that your presentation looks “fancy” but that you’ve created a presentation that is going to appeal to multiple personality types, based on the DISC Profile.   Many sellers are either analytical and want to understand every step of the process or they just want you to net it out with the basics.  Others are more emotional, so you have to take all of that into consideration when presenting your services and sharing the current market conditions.

This listing presentation video is chock full of some valuable information and tips for real estate professionals, so but sure to tune in!



A few more things to consider when creating your real estate listing presentation:

  • Darryl also feels that it critical to find out what is important to the seller by asking questions like “How was your last experience when selling a home?” and “What is most important to you as we enter into the listing process?”.  When you can get them to open up, you can tailor the presentation to the homeowners needs.
  • He also thinks that it’s important to integrate “FORD” into your presentation:  F – Family, O – Occupation, R – Recreation and D – Dreams
  • We also recommend adding at least one or two things that separate you from other agents.  For example, you may be the president of the neighborhood association, have your own radio show or have an advanced degree in internet marketing.


If you have any tips or advice you would like to share with other agents that are working on their first listing presentation, please share below!

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