Do You Have Your Social Media Strategy for 2017?

Agents:  Do You Have Your Social Media Strategy for 2017?

Great advice on social media strategy for real estate agents.Many real estate agents get overwhelmed when they think about marketing on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and all the other social media sites. Thankfully, there is a simple way to get started with your social media strategy in the new year.

Anthony Mann, one of the top social media strategy experts in real estate, joined us in the eXp Realty Cloud Campus this week to talk about developing your social media presence and 2017 strategy.  He shared so many fantastic tips and we’ve summarized many of them below, but highly recommend that you watch the video.  Really good stuff!


Social Media Strategy with Anthony Mann & Brad Andersohn

Our key takeaways from this awesome eXp social media class


  • Make sure you are joining groups so you can interact and connect with more people
  • Boosting a post on your Facebook business page – even if you only have 100 fans on your business page, you can boost the post and get in front of new people based on their location, interests, etc
  • If you have lots of interaction you have with your friends and fans, Facebook will allow your posts to get more visibility on the newsfeed
  • Be consistent – spend 15 minutes every day


  • Because Twitter is now so large and moves so fast, your tweets may not get as much visibility as they did in the past
  • Best way to start engaging is to search for hashtags
  • Tweet directly to others to create engagement (@)
  • Use a period in front of their user name in order to publicly speak with them (great tip!)
  • Add hashtags in your Twitter bio so people can find you
  • 44% of people in real estate are using Twitter to generate leads

LinkedIn for Realtors

  • Wednesday is a big day for posts on LinkedIn, so if you do have anything to share, do it on Wednesdays!
  • So important to get recommendations from your connections (just remember to reciprocate)
  • Complete your entire LinkedIn profile and you will rank higher – SEO benefits are huge
  • Groups on LinkedIn aren’t as active as Facebook, but definitely worth your time
  • Did you know that you can export all of your Linkedin contacts and market to those people?  Just go to:

Pinterest for real estate

  • Don’t recommend posting photos of general listings – give your viewers something interesting (mansions, interesting kitchens, etc)
  • You probably won’t get lots of real estate business from Pinterest, but good for SEO and getting noticed
  • Anthony recommends that if you are overwhelmed by social media, you can add Pinterest to the bottom of the list


  • HUGE market for real estate agents
  • The way that it’s designed that they are able to put the right information in front of your followers (i.e. it’s owed by Facebook!)
  • #### Hashtags are KING on Instagram. Be sure to add hashtags to get noticed — #city #neighborhood #propertyaddress #yourname
  • Easiest place to build a following as long as you are consistently posting (once a day is the ideal)
  • If you have a 2% engagement rate on Instagram you are doing well
  • Make sure you’re following and engaging with other people
  • You can actually go into your settings and create an Instagram Business Page and it will add a “Contact Me” button. You’ll also be able to to get insights and track your engagement.

Google plus

  • Google + is being discontinued, so you can stop posting on this social media site


  • Great if you are marketing to Millennials
  • Walk around your neighborhood and take videos of the local pub or restaurant and post why you love it
  • Use video, use filters and most of all — HAVE FUN!
  • There is no real way to search for anything on Snapchat, so once every month post an image of your snap code so people can follow you

Other takeaways…

  • When you are creating your social media strategy, keep it simple and start with one or two social media sites
  • Make sure you have a completed profile on ALL the sites
  • Be consistent in whatever you decide to do and commit to spending a 15 to 60 minutes DAILY engaging with others and sharing relevant information, photos and videos.
  • Be yourself!

*** Anthony Mann’s new social media tool helps you figure out what to post, when to post and how to post. You can learn more about it at



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