Real Estate Hashtags | How and When to Use Them

Real Estate Hashtags | How and When to Use Them

How & When to Use Real Estate Hashtags

How to use real estate hashtags and list of the top hashtags for realtors.Hashtags have been around for more than 10 years and any real estate agent that is marketing on social media knows they need to use them. The challenge is that knowing realtors need to use hashtags and actually using them correctly is often a very different story!

Here at Building Better Agents, we want to make sure that you are using real estate hashtags the right way so that you can increase engagement and build a solid following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the most common questions real estate hashtags, including when, where and how often to use them in your social media marketing:

– Why use Hashtags?

– How many hashtags should I use on social media?

– Am I using hashtags incorrectly?

– What are popular real estate hashtags?

Why Use Hashtags in Real Estate Marketing?

Simple answer: You want people to find you and your social media content! Whenever you add a hashtag (or hashtags) to your post, the social media site is able to index your # so that it’s searchable by the millions — or billions — of other users.

Think of it this way: If someone searches #AtlantaLuxuryHomes on Instagram or #SeattleRealtor on Twitter, you want your photos and posts to appear.

If you are using hashtags correctly and are commonly found on your preferred social media sites, you are also going to grab the attention of other users and get more followers or likes.

How Many Hashtags Should You Use on Social Media?

Infographic with number of hashtags you should use on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and PinterestIt would make sense to think that the more hashtags you use, the more often you will be found on social media, but that’s not always the case. TrackMaven recently looked at the ‘average engagement per post” on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and what they found was surprising!

On Twitter, one to two hashtags created an average of 80 to 90% engagement per post. For those that used 3 to 5 hashtags, it dropped to about 40%. Posts with 9+ hashtags averaged a 10% engagement.

Facebook was similar to Twitter, but the study showed that only one (very relevant) hashtag is needed on your FB posts. If you add two hashtags to your Facebook post, the engagement dropped by about 25% and continued to decline the more hashtags used.

Instagram is another story. A whopping NINE hashtags per Instagram post received the most engagement! Based on the study, nine or ten #hashtags are ideal when using Instagram.

On Pinterest, hashtags were slightly frowned upon until early 2017. Now experts recommend that you use 2 to 4 hashtags per post and also that you add the ## after your pin description.

How NOT to Use Hashtags in Real Estate

Now that you know how many hashtags you should use on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, please make sure that they are RELEVANT and something that other users may search.

NO NO#1:   Too personal and/or cryptic

We’ve seen many people use hashtags in humor that are cryptic or not necessarily relevant to the masses. For example, #ClientSoSoCrazy or #IJustNamedaFew.

NO NO #2:  Hashtags are too long

Be careful that your hashtags aren’t too long. Just think about what people might search for on Twitter or Instagram. Usually, it’s not more than three words per hashtag. Example of hashtags that are too long and/or confusing…

#NotSureWhatWentWrongToday or #BadLunchAtSandwichShopYuk

NO NO #3:  Random hashtags in a sentence

There are also people who use hashtags in a sentence and the #tags aren’t necessarily related.

#I don’t know #where I put my #keys. – OR-

Getting #ready to #show some #houses in the #rain.


Popular Real Estate Hashtags

Below you’ll find the most popular real estate hashtags, as well as those that you should be using in your local market and/or to promote your brand.

Most Popular Hashtags for Real Estate































#Neighborhood (of your listing)



#YourName (i.e. #AllisonAgent )

#YourTeamName (i.e. #SmithBrownGroup )

#YourBrokerName (i.e. #EXPRealty or #KW )

#YourTagline (i.e. #LiveYourBestLife )


#OpenHouse, e.g., #JanesOpenHouse oe #GreatOaksOpenHouse

#RealEstateConference, e.g., #InmanConnect


When thinking about which hashtags to use in your real estate marketing, it can get overwhelming, so we highly recommend keeping it simple initially (#brandname, #homeforsale, #cityname, etc) and then branching out in the months or years to come as you expand into a larger social media audience.

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