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How EXP Realty Revenue Share Works

About eXp Realty and the Revenue Share Program

eXp Realty is changing the real estate brokerage model and more and more real estate professionals are starting to realize that our offerings package, lead generation systems, stock ownership, education and low fees and commission cap are the perfect combination for their businesses.   The proof is in the numbers… in the  last year, eXp more than doubled in size !

In addition to all the lead gen tools and great commission splits that eXp Realty offers , the one thing that make us stand out from every other real estate brokerage is the country is our incredible eXp revenue share program. Not only has revenue share helped agents build their “rainy day” fund, it’s also created an incredible atmosphere within the company where everyone wants to help one another build successful, meaningful businesses.

** This video is just a simple overview of how the program works. There is no guarantee that the rev share program will help you retire from real estate, but there is potential to help you contribute to your savings account and/or reinvest into your real estate business.

How the eXp Realty Revenue Share Program Works

The founders of our brokerage made this program straightforward and easy to understand. If you bring another real estate agent to eXp Realty, you will receive 3.5% of their gross commission.  It has nothing to do with the profitability of the company that month or quarter, your monthly revenue share check from eXp is based on 3.5% of that agent’s gross commissions.  In the example below, one of your agents sells a $500K home and generates $15K in commission.  You’ll receive 3.5% of the gross commission ($525).  It’s just that simple!

The wonderful thing about this revenue share program is that you will keep receiving 3.5% of everything the agent sells until they reach their annual company commission cap of $16,000… and then it starts over again the next year!

There are seven levels in your eXp Realty Revenue Share Group. The first line or level includes the agents that you’ve personally attracted to the company. The second line would consist of agents that your recruits brought to the company, and so on for seven levels.

If you personally recruited at least five agents to eXp Realty, then you would receive 4.0% of the commission from the agents in your 2nd line (agents that your recruits brought to eXp Realty).  If you personally attracted 10 real estate agents to eXp, you would receive 2.5% of the commission from the agents in your 3rd line…. and it goes on from there.

As you will see in the chart above, you have to have personally recruited 15+ agents to qualify for the full revenue share amount (2.5%) in your 4th line and you will need to bring at least 40+ agents to the company in order to get the full revenue share amount (5.0%) in your 7th line.  If you have real estate agents in your 7th line, but haven’t yet attracted 40+ agents to the company, you would still receive 0.5% of whatever they sell.

Examples of What You Could Earn with Revenue Share

EXAMPLE #1:    Let’s say you’ve personally introduced 10 agents to eXp Realty and they are all “cappers”.  You would make $28,000 per year  , every year in passive, residual income.

Then, taking it one step further, what if your 10 agents each bring one agent to the company and then those agents each bring one agent?  You would have 10 agents in your 1st level(3.5%), 10 agents in your 2nd level (4.0%) and 10 agents in your 3rd line (2.5%).  If each agent sold at least $2.66M each year, you could potentially

EXAMPLE #2 :  As we highlighted in the video above, let’s say that you brought 10 really excited, energetic real estate agents to eXp Realty and they each went out and brought 10 agents to the company.  You would have 10 agents in your 1st line and 100 agents in your 2nd line.  If they are all cappers, you could potentially make $348,000 per year in residual income .  This doesn’t even include having any agents on your other five levels in your revenue share downline!

As you can hopefully see, recruiting a few agents to eXp Realty will help you earn some extra money that you can add to your retirement account and/or allocate to your marketing in order to grow your business. If you decide you want to attract multiple real estate professionals and help them attract even more, you can quickly move into a six digit residual income every year  with revenue share.

What I love most about this program is that

For example, what if you bring a real estate agent to the brokerage and they are selling about $40,000 in gross commission (GCI) each year. You would make about $1,400 per year in revenue share.  BUT what if you sat down with the agent and helped them with their lead generation and/or expired listing scripts and were able to get them to $80,000 per year in GCI.  Not only would you make an additional $1,400, you would have an incredibly happy agent in your downline.  With revenue sharing, everyone wins and we are “building better agents” every day.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about eXp Realty, please give me, Kerry Lucasse, a call at 404-432-1844.  

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