How to Add a Listing to Your WordPress Blog

How to Add a Listing to Your WordPress Blog

Blogging on WordPress

How to add your real estate listings to your blog

As real estate agents, we want to build a wonderful website, but struggle to come up with ideas for new content.  One of the easiest things you can do is to add your real estate listings.  Not only do your sellers appreciate the additional marketing, you have a new reason to send potential home buyers to your website and start their home search!

The following video is part of our “How To” series and walks you through the entire blog post set up, including adding photos and links, creating “google friendly” content and adding links to other search options on your website.  The video is only about 13 minutes long and is well worth your time…. especially if you are new to blogging on WordPress.

Step by step instructions

A few things to keep in mind when adding your listing to WordPress:

  • Make sure you add the full property address at least 3 times in the blog post
  • When adding images to the post, be sure to use the “ALT Text” – you can add the property address, or a keyword phrase like “Homes for sale in XYZ neighborhood”
  • Have fun with the photos!  You can edit the listing photos ahead of time with PicMonkey (see our PicMonkey How To Video)
  • Create a template or style that fits your personality and brand.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – we’ve included a few examples below.
  • Once you’ve created your listing blog post, share it on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Other examples of real estate listing blog posts:

Equestrian Lifestyle – Horse Lovers Estate for Sale in Waxhaw NC

Indian Hills in Marietta GA

Northlake Hills Home for Sale in Jonestown TX

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