Tech Tips for Realtors | YouTube + Google Plus + MailChimp

Tech Tips for Realtors | YouTube + Google Plus + MailChimp

Tech Tips for Realtors | July 2015

Every Monday, the “Working the Magic” technology team at eXp Realty hosts an hour long meeting that is chuck-full of the latest technology tips for real estate.  This week was a good one and we wanted to share with you!  Jeffrey Bittner walks us through several tools that are very important to today’s online real estate marketing strategy, including:

  • How to set up your Google Plus account
  • How to set up and integrate your YouTube channel with Google Plus
  • How to use MailChimp to create simple or custom newsletter marketing emails
  • Voxer, the walkie-talkie app

Top Tech Tips for Agents

  • If you have a website and want it to rank on the first page of Google, so important to create a Google Plus account and post to it regularly.  Google may sunset Google Plus, but until they do, keep using it!
  • YouTube is one of the Top 5 search engines for potential buyers — many people just think of Google, Bing and Yahoo, but YouTube is one you don’t want to miss
  • Set up multiple lists in MailChimp so you can customize your communications to past clients vs sphere of influence vs potential clients
  • Alternate your MailChimp emails to past clients, using plain text for some of the emails and HTML emails (with photos, colored fonts, etc)
  • Test your subject line with the MailChimp A/B Split function to see which works subject line gets the most opens / clicks
  • Adding a YouTube video to your newsletter using the video widget
  • How to add the eNewsletter sign-up form to your website

FYI:  I personally use MailChimp at least once, if not 3-4 times every week to promote new listings to local real estate agents, to send prospects a quick email and then a bi-weekly eNewsletter to my sphere of influence.  Here are a few examples:

eNewsletter – Local events

Fundraiser email

Neighborhood News & Events eNewsletter

Listing Promotion (to local agents)

Also, please note that eXp Realty hosts this show every Monday and a recording of each class appears on every Tuesday, so check back every week!

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